Data Governance

Data View Partners' Data Governance Services help organizations to establish processes and procedures to ensure data quality standards and data access controls to meet the organization's internal risk management and regulatory requirements.

We work very closely with our customers' teams to document the data 'sources' and 'uses' and the structure of the organization and recommend tools to efficiently govern the data assets of the organization. We will help with recommending processes and tools for setting up data quality standards, data lineage and data discovery that is suitable for your organization and help establish a workflow process to govern the approval of data access for various business use cases. Agility, nimbleness and fast time-to-market is deep rooted in Data View Partners' culture which helps clients realize solutions expeditiously to meet business needs in a timely manner.

Data Stewardship

Establishing oversight and management control of an organization's data assets is very critical to guarantee its reliability. Identifying stewards from various parts of an organization and establishing a formal process by which they can provide effective data governance in terms of accuracy, consistency, completeness and access control of their data is an important first step. We at Data View Partners help our clients formalize this process by engaging with various stakeholders within the organization and recommending appropriate governance methodologies, workflow models and tools that are used successfully in various industries.

    Data View Partners has the capabilities to

  • Help strategize the approach to Data Governance practice
  • Help define structure and standards for Data Governance process
  • Help document the workflow and standard operating procedure for Data Governance
  • Help choose tools to automate workflows for Data Governance
  • Develop, deploy and maintain Data Governance tools
  • Define, develop and deploy automated controls that ensures and report adherence to Data Governance standards

Data Quality Standards

It is paramount to establish data quality standards and rules at the data ingestion layer before the data gets stored as it helps data scientists to rely on the quality of the data presented to them. As part of Data Governance services, Data View Partners help organization with processes and tools to set up data quality standards and rules at the data ingestion layer to prevent multiple teams from spending their very valuable time on data cleansing.

    Data View Partners has the capabilities to

  • Help strategizing the approach to defining Data Quality standards
  • Help clients build a successful Data Quality Management (DQM) program
  • Help define Data Quality rules for key processes
  • Help develop components / tools that ensures processes adhere to Data Quality rules
  • Help develop components / tools that reports on Data Quality scorecards
  • Help develop components / tools for ongoing Data Quality remediation to correct exceptions

Master Data Management

Having a gold standard for data quality aids a firm in many ways, particularly in having reliable insights from their analytic engines. Master Data Management (MDM) aids in setting up a framework of processes and tools for creating and maintaining a secure data environment and its reliable discovery by various consumers. Data View Partners is experienced in helping our clients onboard with MDM tools to manage their data assets effectively.

    Data View Partners has the capabilities to

  • Help strategize the approach for Master Data Management
  • Help choose Master Data Management (MDM) tool that would meet specific requirements of your firm
  • Help identify relationships between various master data entities and define common taxonomies to enable sharing of data across systems
  • Help identify master data and associated metadata and onboard and maintain information in MDM tool

Data Use-Case Governance

Having tight control on the use cases of data and the data entitlements to individuals and team are paramount to prevent data misuse of a firm's critical data assets. This helps firms meet regulatory obligations on data privacy laws around the globe as well as prevent accidental leakage that could pose reputational damage to the firm. Data View Partners help our clients in establishing formal processes along with tools to manage the workflow between the individuals of the firm requesting access to the data and its data governance groups along with complete audit trail and tracking of the data usage.

    Data View Partners has the capabilities to

  • Help define standards for Use-Case governance
  • Help define standards for user/group entitlement process for data use
  • Develop and deploy tool to audit and monitor data use
  • Develop automated reports on data usage
  • Develop machine learning techniques to identify anomalies in data usage