Data Engineering

Data View Partners’ Data Engineering services deliver value to its clients across their Big Data and Analytics initiatives. With industry experience in finance, insurance, pharma and telecom sectors, as well as experience in academia in Data Science, AI and Large-scale Computation, Data View Partners’ engineers bring in expertise and knowledge to deliver quality solutions that create impactful value to the business. Agility, nimbleness and fast time-to-market is deep rooted in Data View Partners' culture which helps clients realize solutions expeditiously to meet business needs in a timely manner. The following are our capabilities that we can offer to our clients.

Data Engineering Architecture

Data View Partners can help design data flow pipeline, uniquely suited to your firm's processing requirements and help achieve processing throughput, latency and storage goals. Our solutions ensure end-to-end data pipeline starting from high-throughput data collection to targeted analytics, streaming analytics, data availability, until actionable intelligence is derived, with the help of Data Flow Architecture. We are experts in designing and implementing Lambda Architecture for Enterprise Scale Data Flow Pipelines that can process billions of messages per second without delays. Further we can help in augmenting the architecture with detective controls that ensure completeness, accuracy and timely processing of the data.

    Data View Partners has the capabilities to

  • Provide strategy and guidance for choice of architecture for Data pipeline. Some of the architectures we consider are Lambda architecture and Kappa architecture based on your specific use cases
  • Provide recommendations for Integration tools that would form part of the architecture
  • Implement the architecture, deploy and maintain the platform

Extract Transform Load (ETL)

Data View Partners has experience in setting up large-scale data collection pipelines from variety of geo-spatial locations. Our solutions unify data collection process and organize data sources, be it from IoT devices, system logs, process logs or other real-time processes. Our architecture eliminates bottlenecks and ensures no data is lost due to downstream backlogs and makes data available either for storage or for analytics. We set up real-time monitoring of multiple data sources as well as visualizing and identifying faults in a timely manner thus minimizing business interruptions and down-time.

    Data View Partners has the capabilities to

  • Evaluate the ETL requirements and recommend the most optimal tool that would meet the needs
  • Set up ETL processes and ensure it meets the data retention and analysis needs
  • Ensure strict data quality and data format standards are met
  • Set up automation of ETL pipeline
  • Set up monitoring and reporting on the ETL pipeline

Data Distribution Framework

Data View Partners has experience setting up large distribution framework using Apache Kafka and Pulsar that can elastically scale as the data volume grows. Preventing sensitive data from falling into wrong hands is crucial to loss prevention and meeting regulatory standards. We can help in establishing data security protocols to meet regulation standards such as GPDR for your organization. We can also create solutions that can identify and flag sensitive data like PII automatically and perform obfuscation of data seamlessly before data is sent for processing in 3rd party systems. Our data obfuscation algorithms ensure that data quality is met without losing any aspect that is crucial for analytics.

    Data View Partners has the capabilities to

  • Provide strategy and guidance on the architecture and tool selection for the distribution layer
  • Implement deploy and maintain scalable distribution framework
  • Meet access control and data obfuscation needs to ensure regulatory and internal risk management controls on data access are met.

Data Storage and Retrieval Layer

Data View Partners has significant experience in setting up central data lakes with heterogeneous data stores and databases for different types of data. We can assist clients in setting up such data lakes using framework like Lambda Architecture and help in achieving high availability of data as well as servicing thousands of real-time and batch processes.

    Data View Partners has the capabilities to

  • Provide strategy and guidance on the choice of storage infrastructure for various data sources
  • Architect solutions using industry leading frameworks like Lambda architecture
  • Design storage architecture that can efficiently retrieve the data on a demand
  • Implement monitoring jobs proactively on the performance of storage and retrieval functions
  • Integrate, deploy and maintain

Cloud and On-Prem solutions

Data View Partners has experience implementing Data engineering frameworks on both cloud and on-prem networks. We have certified solution engineers in all the major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud that can help implement your company's specific needs.

    Data View Partners has the capabilities to

  • Whether it is a migration project or a new installation project on a cloud platform, we can evaluate your needs and offer solutions and cloud certified resources with expertise that can take your project from vision to reality
  • Provide strategic advice on the optimal cloud environment for your needs
  • Assist with creating a project roadmap for your cloud migration efforts
  • Assist with Implementation of cloud based solutions on any of the of cloud platforms