About Us

Data View Partners (DVP) is a leading technology service provider with offices in North America and in India with many talented data scientists and engineers with high pedigree and experience leading data science faculty in large firms. DVP specializes in Data Governance, Data Engineering and Data Science services and offers our clients, advisory, implementation and ongoing maintenance services. We serve clients in various verticals such as Finance, Insurance and Pharmaceutical sector.

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Data Engineering

Data View Partners’ Data Engineering services deliver value to its clients across their Big Data and Analytics initiatives. With industry experience in finance, insurance, pharma and telecom sectors, as well as experience in academia in Data Science, AI and Large-scale Computation, Data View Partners’ engineers bring in expertise and knowledge to deliver quality solutions that create impactful value to the business.

Nageshwar Aita

Partner and Co-Founder

Shyam Sreenivasan

Partner and Co-Founder

Narayan Ganesan

Partner and Co-Founder

Nick Shah

Director(HR and Operations)